Close-up Picture of Eyelash Begonia Leaf
  • Close-up Picture of Eyelash Begonia Leaf
  • Picture of Eyelash Begonia Sample Plant
  • Picture of Eyelash Begonia Mature Plant with Cazador-del-Sol Wavy Suncatchers

Eyelash Begonia


Small plant actively growing, ships bare root.

4-inch pot size, approximately 3-4 inches tall

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Eyelash Begonia (Begonia bowerae) is a relative of the popular Rex Begonia. It reaches heights of 12 to 14 inches, is native to Mexico and grows creeping to hanging. Its leaves have distinct hairs (eyelashes) all around and are a light to medium green with a dark green to near black pattern.

Suitable as potted house and patio plant, may be grown in the ground in zone 10 and higher.

More Information

USDA Hardiness Zone
8 through 10
Bloom Time
Foliage Plant
Bloom Color
Grown for its variegated foliage
Mature Height
18-24 inches
Light Requirements
Partial Sun (4-6 hrs)
Water Requirements
Average Water Needs
Gardening Tips
Fertilize regularly for best growth. Can be overwintered indoors in colder locations.

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