Picture of Colocasia Leaf
  • Picture of Colocasia Leaf
  • Picture of Colocasia Bulb

Colocasia - Miniature Black Elephant Ear


Bare-root bulb- 2 to 3 sprout size.

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Grown for it's foliage, this is a velvet, black-leaved dwarf selection that you long to touch. Midway in size between a caladium and an elephant ear. New leaves that are green with blue veins and as the leaves age or are in full sun they will turn black.

Grows about 2-3  feet tall.   USDA Zones 7 and up, annual or potted plant elsewhere.

More Information

USDA Hardiness Zone
7 through 9
Bloom Time
Foliage Plant
Bloom Color
Grown for its dark foliage
Mature Height
3-4 feet
Light Requirements
Full Sun (over 6 hrs)
Water Requirements
Average Water Needs
Deer resistant
Gardening Tips
Quite tolerant of wet locations and partial shade.


Colocasia Care

Planting Instructions and Plant Care for Colocasia and Banana Plants

Download (315.07k)

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