elderberry Nova in bloom
  • elderberry York in bloom
  • elderberries ready to harvest in our garden
  • elderberry Nova in bloom

Elderberry Pollinating Pair Nova & York


Intensely flavored fruit with a rich aroma. Bountiful harvest ripens in July and August.

Pollinating pair, 2-year old plants.  1 each of 'Nova' and 'York', approximately 18 inches tall.

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Extremely hardy, tall shrub grows to 12 ft. No spraying required—both varieties are practically pest free.

Two varieties equals improved pollination, extended harvest period and top yields.

York—Quickest to bear, often in its second year. 
Nova—Great for pies, jelly and wine. Ripens two weeks before York

More Information

USDA Hardiness Zone
4 through 8
Bloom Time
Late Spring
Mature Height
8-10 feet
Light Requirements
Partial Sun (4-6 hrs)
Water Requirements
Average Water Needs
Gardening Tips
Quite tolerant of wet locations and partial shade.


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