Picture showing all available colors of this suncatcher model
  • Picture showing all available colors of this suncatcher model

Mini Suncatcher Sunflower Shape


Cazador-del-sol® sun catchers are said to bring harmony and sunshine into your life – whether the sun shines or not. Even on a dull or rainy day, the sun catcher will turn invisible light into visible light and glow all by itself – absolutely eco-friendly and energy-saving, without electricity or batteries.

Approximate Dimensions:
Disc diameter 3 1/4'' and flower stem length 10''

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Mini round disc Cazador-del-sol® Suncatcher in gift envelope.

Each glance at your garden or balcony will bring a smile to your face, for light nourishes the soul.

The Cazador-del-sol® sun catcher is UV resistant and will not fade in sunlight. The material is also heat and cold resistant (+120° C to -50° C) so you can keep it outdoors in summer and winter.  10-year anti-fade warranty.

The surface of the Cazador should be handled with care to avoid scratches, abrasions or other damage.

More Information

Weather-resistant plexiglass


Suncatcher Instructions

Suncatcher Assembly & Cleaning Instructions

Download (417.43k)

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