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  • Mailwrap Design Picture

Mailwrap Big Boats


Easy On... They're Magnetic!  Made in the USA

MailWraps® mailbox covers are pre-cut to fit around the flag, latch and hinges of metal curbside mailboxes from virtually every mailbox manufacturer in the country.

Standard Size Dimensions: Fits 6.5" x 18" mailbox


MailWraps® standard of quality is unequalled. All of the colorful artwork is screen-printed for accurate reproduction and exceptional durability. These mailbox covers hold up under any weather conditions, including the intense heat and sun of Arizona, the harsh winters of Minnesota, and the high winds of West Texas.

It just doesn’t get any easier than this. You can instantly change the look of your mailbox with MailWraps® magnetic mailbox covers. These exclusive magnetic covers are so unique they’re patented by the U.S. Patent office


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