Picture of sample plant Hosta Lakeside Waterfall
  • Close-up Picture of Hosta Lakeside Waterfall leaves
  • Picture of sample plant Hosta Lakeside Waterfall
  • picture of miniature hosta sample division

Hosta Lakeside Waterfall


1 division, 1-2 eyes/sprouts. Sustainably/Naturally grown and leaves may have holes or other imperfections.

The leaves of this plant have extremely long stems that allow them to cascade over walls or containers. Rapidly forms a bright golden yellow cascading clump.


One of the most unusual miniature hostas to come from breeder Mary Chastain!

More Information

USDA Hardiness Zone
4 through 9
Bloom Time
Summer to Fall
Bloom Color
Mature Height
Under 12 inches
Light Requirements
Partial Sun (4-6 hrs)
Attracts Pollinators
Gardening Tips
May need an application of slug bait in early spring when new shoots are beginning to emerge to help reduce the slug population and subsequent foliage damage.


Shade Plant Care

Planting Instructions and Plant Care for Ferns and other Shade Plants

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