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Buzzee Beeswax Organic Food Wraps


Say GOODBYE to planet-polluting, single-use plastic wraps and HELLO to earth-friendly, reusable wraps for storing leftovers. These wraps are made from certified 100% organic printed cotton, Organic virgin coconut oil, sustainably harvested beeswax, and Himalayan pine tree resin.
Wrap a bowl, half a fruit, cheese, or just about anything you like! You can even fold these beeswax food wraps into pouches or envelopes to hold your snacks and treats. The warmth of your hands slightly softens the beeswax and allows the fabric to mold and seal around containers or to wrap around food and produce!

i do not recommended storing
raw seafood, poultry or meat in these beeswax wrapping sheets.

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Available Options:
10"Round Wrap
Organized storage for the most common leftovers, no need to unwrap to see what's inside.  They work well to cover small jars and bowls too!

13"Sandwich Wrap with button and twine

Great for packing lunches, storing food, and wrapping leftovers The coconut button and the twine will secure a tight seal around your sandwich.

Multi-Pack Squares
1 Small (8 x 8")
2 Medium (10 x 10")
1 Large (13 x 13")
Great to cover a bowl, pack a sandwich or to wrap fresh herbs, produce, cheese and baked goods. Keeps food fresher longer as opposed to disposable plastic wraps, cover, and bags.

Hand wash in cool water
Do not expose to heat

Use as a fire starter or compost at the end of its useful life

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Reusable & Sustainable
Organic Cotton with Beeswax

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