Quart size next to a 3.5 inch pot
  • Quart size next to a 3.5 inch pot

Butterfly Bush Grand Cascade


Think all Buddleia look the same? Think again! Unlike the typical Butterfly Bush, the panicles on this flowering shrub cascade downward, similar to the look of weeping willow or a bridalwreath spirea.

Growing in quart or gallon pots, ships bare-root.

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Light lavender purple flower panicles are enormous at 12-14" long and 4" thick. They're nearly the size of your head! Compared to 'Lavender Cascade', this Buddleia is a slightly bigger in overall size, but it's the flower panicles that are significantly larger.

Butterfly Bushes have certainly earned their place in the garden over the years, and its easy to see why. Just when we need a breath of fresh air in the late summer heat, they happily burst into bloom. At a time when many other plants are already spent, buddleias are just beginning their show. Their passive coloring and texture makes a wonderful backdrop for perennials, and you'll love the butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds that flock to their honey-scented blossoms.

Grows about 3 feet tall.   USDA Zones 4-9

More Information

USDA Hardiness Zone
4 through 9
Bloom Time
Bloom Color
Mature Height
4-6 feet
Light Requirements
Full Sun (over 6 hrs)
Water Requirements
Drought Tolerant
Attracts Bees & Butterflies
Gardening Tips
Plants like it sunny and hot. They will tolerate light shade, though fewer flowers will be produced and the plants may grow taller with weaker stems.


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