Raspberries on the bush in our garden
  • Raspberries on the bush in our garden
  • harvested raspberries
  • bundles of 25 raspberry plants

Red Raspberry 'Meeker'


June-bearing. Large, thimble shaped, dark red fruit with high sugar content and good quality flavor. Best home garden variety for eating fresh, freezing, canning, and processing.


2-year old plant divisions that will bear fruit this year when planted early in spring. My favorite raspberry, it's a vigorous grower with a bountiful harvest of berries that are great for any use one can think or.
Meeker is not particularly adapted to heavy soils, however, it does have decent resistance to Botrytis Rot and will tolerate more wetness and humidity than other varieties.

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More Information

USDA Hardiness Zone
5 through 8
Bloom Time
Late Spring
Mature Height
6-8 feet
Light Requirements
Full Sun (over 6 hrs)
Water Requirements
Average Water Needs
Gardening Tips
Proper planting depth is most critical, the crown should be planted 1½ - 2 inches below soil level.


Berry Planting & Care

Berry Planting & Care Instructions

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